Bonuses totaling $9,750 were paid by Chevrolet Performance to IMCA Karl Chevro­let Northern SportMod drivers powered by crate engines to local track titles this season.

Each of 39 track championships was worth $250.

Tony Dunker, Matthew Looft, Kyle Prauner and Jesse Sobbing each get $750 checks for winning three track crowns.

Dunker topped point standings at Lee County Speedway, 34 Raceway and Quincy Raceway. Looft ruled at Fairmont Raceway, Jackson Speedway and Redwood Speedway. Prauner was champion at Boone County Raceway, Riviera Raceway and U.S. 30 Speedway while Sobbing reigned at Dawson County Race­way, Shelby County Speedway and Southern Iowa Speedway.

Recipients of $500 bonus checks are Joshua Long at 141 Speedway and Seymour Speedway; and Geoff Olson at Eagle Raceway and Raceway Park.

Checks for $250 go to Randy Ainsworth, I-35 Speedway at Winston; Jason Brees at Thomas County Speedway; Nate Chodur at I-35 Speedway; Scott Davis at Boone Speedway; Adam Ecker at Murray County Speedway; Matt Hoeft at Algona Raceway; Darrell Hood at Bakersfield Speedway; and Racer Hu­lin at Marshalltown Speedway;

Also, Troy Jerovetz at Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway; Austin Kaplan at the Iowa State Fairgrounds Speedway; Jake Krone at RPM Speedway; Ryan Larimer at Kings Speedway; Brad Lautenbach at Luxem­burg Speedway; Jesse Levin at Salina Speedway; Justin Medler at Nodak Speedway; Bernie Reinhardt at Thunderhill Raceway;

And Tad Reutzel at Clay County Fairgrounds; Nick Roberts at Stuart Speedway; Joel Rust at Hamilton County Speedway; Eddie Schwope Jr. at Thunder Hill Speedway; Doug Smith at Buena Vista Raceway; Matt Sotomayor at Ocean Speedway Watsonville; and Tracy Wassenberg at Shawano Speedway.

Bonuses were part of the original track title program introduced for Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMods in 2005. That program was expanded to include Smiley’s Racing Chas­sis Southern SportMods last season.

“A record amount of bonus money was paid this year to drivers winning championships with crate engines and that credit goes to the continued support of Chevrolet Performance,” IMCA Marketing Director Kevin Yoder said. “The crate vs. claim rivalry will increase next year and I expect the incentives and bonus money available for each to increase right along with it.”

by Bill Martin