Osborne Speedway kicked off the Osborne county fair with auto races scheduled on the big ½-mile Wednesday & Thursday, July 24-25. However, after a complete program on Wednesday, Mother Nature washed out the Thursday evening races.

On Wednesday night, Josh ‘The Hammer’ Hudson of Kensington took advantage

of leader Shaylon Holloway’s misfortune to claim the win in the IMCA Stock Car

feature. Holloway took the lead at the start and continued to lead through several caution

periods over the next couple of laps. But Holloway would bring out the caution on lap 4

when he went off turn one, and eventually went to the pits. First heat winner Hudson

then led the field back to green and was able to hold on for the win. Robert Walker kept

Hudson within striking distance but could not make a pass and settled for second. ‘The Z

Man’ Mark Zorn finished third, followed by Nolan Remus and Trevor Thornton. Jason

McCartney won the other heat race.

‘The Wichita Lineman’ Randy Wilson led the first 2 laps of the 15-lap IMCA

Modified feature before Tim Watts took control. Watts was challenged hard by

Hoisington’s Mike Petersilie but was able to keep the lead. But Watts showered sparks

in front of the grandstand on lap 14 and coasted to a stop in turn 2. Heat two victor

Petersilie led the field back to a green-white-checkered finish and claimed the checkers.

Heat one winner Wilson finished in the runner-up spot, followed by Jesse

Richter, ‘Smokin’ Joe Cleveland and Marty Clark.

‘The Frye Man’ Tyler Frye of Belleville led all 15 laps to win the IMCA Northern

Sport Mod feature. Heat two winner Tracy Holloway was able to hold off first heat

winner Cory Struckhoff for second, with Kurtis Pihl and Brenden Damon rounding out

the top five.

G.W. ‘Cheeseburger’ Fuller led the opening lap of the IMCA Hobby Stock

feature before Travis Coop spun to bring out a caution. After the restart, former national

champion Shannon Anderson of Urbandale, IA, drove past Fuller for the lead and drove

away from the field for an easy trip to victory lane. Cody ‘Bam Bam’ Graham won the

battle for second, trailed by Fuller, Jeromy Wagner, and Colton Pfeifer. Fuller and

Anderson won the two heat races.

Stockton’s Michael Smith led all 10 laps of the caution free IMCA Sport

Compact feature. Tristen Barton made a late charge but settled for second, followed by

state point leader Brandon Lobdell, Brett Henke and Justin Rohr. Smith also won the

heat race.


IMCA Sport Compacts

Heat race winner: Michael Smith.

Feature: 1. Smith, 2. Tristen Barton, 3. Brandon Lobdell, 4. Brett Henke, 5. Justin Rohr.

IMCA Hobby Stocks

Heat race winners: G.W. Fuller, Shannon Anderson.

Feature: 1. Anderson, 2. Cody Graham, 3. Fuller, 4. Jeromy Wagner, 5. Colton Pfeifer,

6. H.J. Colburn, 7. Irvin Earl (DNF), 8. Rhett Kingsbury (DNF), 9. T.C. McKain (DNF),

10. Travis Coop (DNF).

IMCA Northern Sport Mods

Heat race winners: Cory Struckhoff, Tracy Holloway.

Feature: 1. Tyler Frye, 2. Holloway, 3. Struckhoff, 4. Kurtis Pihl, 5. Brenden Damon,

6. Tyler Watts, 7. Tanner Portenier (DNF), 8. Brian Williams (DNF), 9. Chance Miller


IMCA Stock Cars

Heat race winners: Josh Hudson, Jason McCartney.

Feature: 1. Hudson, 2. Robert Walker, 3. Mark Zorn, 4. Dalton Remus, 5. Trevor

Thornton, 6. Tyler Hahn, 7. Arnold Williams (DNF), 8. Shaylon Holloway (DNF), 9. Pat

Bedore (DNF), 10. McCartney (DNF), 11. Cody Williams (DNF).

IMCA Modifieds

Heat race winners: Randy Wilson, Mike Petersilie.

Feature: 1. Petersilie, 2. Wilson, 3. Jesse Richter, 4. Joe Cleveland, 5. Marty Clark, 6.

Tim Watts (DNF), 7. Brian Calhoon (DNF), 8. Cody Williams (DNS).

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