I remember the first time the MLRA Late Models visited town quite well. It was a hot summer afternoon in July with storms springing up as the racing program got underway. I was the ripe old age of 9 when this show was ran but remember seeing  a lot of the big time drivers, or at least to me they were, for the first time. I remember seeing Rex McCroskey’s #64, which was my favorite, and thought it looked really fast. Same goes for Bill Frye in the #66. What’s surprising is how “slow” some of today’s stars looked. Then again the track seemed to be pretty wet and hammer down and many of them hadn’t had a chance to dial in a setup. Steve Russell dominated in the Gibson #G1, with a great run by the late Al Bodenhammer as well in the #2. A good contingent of locals in this video as well, who’d of thought that 20 years down the road Delbert Smith would be the track champion in the same division?

I also should note that the track was named the Saline County Speedway at this time as Earl Kinderknecht was the promoter.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I have! Great racing throughout!

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